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The following share their experience doing business with Reflection Farm



All of my training projects go here, I have happy well adjusted horses that return! I also take riding lessons here because one is never done learning!



Kudos to Reflection Farm! I highly recommend Jean, Jaime, Brady and staff. While I traveled and enjoyed my first weeks of retirement, they took excellent care of Mariah and worked with me on a training suitable for her. I enjoyed time with my husband without worrying about my "baby"! To make it more special Jean took these pictures of Jaime/Mariah the morning before I picked Mariah up. A big thanks for everything. I really appreciate it!!




Great positive horse and rider training. They really teach people how to understand and care for horses.




I love PATRICK so much. He has such a winning personality. He is so calm and I have to admit that I love his color pattern. He has the most incredible mane. 




I would like to say that, having worked around many stallions, I have never seen a stallion quite like RF Rambo before. His disposition is like that of a big puppy dog. Training, you may say, is the key. Well, yes and no. Training only covers just so much. The disposition of Rambo is that which makes him remarkable and truly unique. This disposition is a trait that is passed on to his offspring. All of his offspring, that I have had the pleasure to meet, have that "Rambo personality". Meaning they are easy to work with, they are quick to learn, they retain their training, and they are blessed with spots-no matter what breeding the dam is....




When Willi broke his shoulder as a yearling the vets at the U were amazed at how willing Willi was. He stood like a trooper while they pulled bone fragments from his shoulder. They said they loved to work on him because despite the painful procedure he never had a bad attitude. He is as adorable as he is sweet.

~Jenni & Willi 


Be SURE to check the ponies at Reflection Farm if you are shopping, they are gorgeous!! Plus, having seen siblings in the show ring, RF ponies are also smart and personable!



I own KANDI’S KATMAI, a bay tobiano pinto by RAMBO out of KEMO KNOXKANDY, a Khemo Bey daughter out of an American Shetland Pony mare.I would like to make a statement about his wonderful temperament and beautiful conformation for your website. "KATMAI" is one of our show ponies and lesson horse at WINDFALL FARM in Colfax, WI. KATMAI is a lovely pony with an excellent temperament. The children adore him. He is going over fences and is doing very, very well. He is very enthusiastic. He has very smooth, correct gaits and is very smart and trainable. KATMAI looks like a small spotted Arabian. Thanks!




I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. Beyond many amazing horse-related lessons, Ms. Jean and her family have a wonderfully kind and patient way of teaching respect for riding, self, and others. It is the perfect place to b...egin to learn or continue to learn about riding, responsibility, and love of horses for all ages. Reflection Farm holds a special place in my memory and heart, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking a quality, knowledgeable, safe, and loving environment to get a little dirty and spend little (or a lot) of time with people who truly love everything about the equine world.















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