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(Choteau X Ramblin Tabitha) 

Homozygous Bay Tobiano Pinto

Pleasure Type Pony  Stallion




In Loving Memory



2023 Pinto Horse Association of America Equine Hall of Fame Inductee!


Friends, today (December 23, 2020) is the day we always hoped would never come. The legend is gone.

We didn’t realize what a prize we had in 1985 when RAMBO was born. He was a cute baby, but it wasn’t until he was more mature that we began to understand that he was no ordinary horse. His extremely amiable personality became one the trademarks of his 375 foals. In addition, his beauty and correct conformation would stand the test of a 35 year lifetime. RAMBO became a treasure that we have come to know was one in a million. Temperament as a breeding goal is often traded off for flash. Not so with RAMBO. In him, we had everything-- from an amazingly consistent sire to winning show horse to best friend to family.

He was truly the little horse that built the farm. Our hearts are broken, but we are so grateful and honored that God saw fit to entrust him to us. His descendants grace our barns and pastures.


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The little horse who wins hearts.
Words are not adequate to describe the qualities of this stallion
the emotions he elicits
from those who know him.
The product of two
half-Arabian pinto parents,
little did we know the impact that this homozygous pinto stallion would have on the horse world and on our family.
RAMBO could stand alone on his show record of National Championships
numerous national & state year end high point awards
Halter, Color, Western and English classes.
But it is as a sire, that he will go down in history.
The owners of hundreds of his pinto foals with astonishing dispositions, correct conformation, Arabian type and a variety of spotted coat patterns will attest to that.
Into his third decade,
it is still a blessing and an honor to own him.


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